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Overseas Remittance Partner Digitel

Requests to customers in remittance in Korea / China

If you wish to remit to a recipient who does not have “Primary Confirmation and Receipt Account Confirmation”, we ask for your cooperation so that we can confirm the receiving side beforehand (before depositing the remittance fund) Please.

  • Particularly, in remittance with the designation of foreign currency amount, there may be inconvenience to customers due to fluctuations in exchange rates, etc., if time is required for the confirmation procedure.
  • We also ask for cooperation so that we can complete payment confirmation and receipt account of the payee in advance so as to promptly complete the remittance for remittance specified by the yen amount.
  • For details, please contact our store.

    ※ Customers in China remittance please check here.

Remittance Rate

Korean Remittance Rate

  • 受取人事前登録して50万円まで送金】
    (Pre-registration and up to 500,000 yen)

    JPY100 / KRW 1095.82
    Sep 24,2020 10:10
  • インボイスを提出して100万円まで送金】
    (Submit invoice and up to 1,000,000 yen)

    JPY100 / KRW 1085.17
    Sep 24,2020 10:10

Philippines Remittance Rate

  • 1 JPY / PHP 0.4590
    Sep 24, 2020 11:40

Vietnam Remittance Rate

  • 1 JPY / VND 218.75
    Sep 24  2020 11:15

China Remittance Rate

  • 2020年7月1日より

Service Overview

01. Registration

・Membership registration is required for remittances over 100,000 yen.

・Also, remittances of up to 100,000 yen are also required to register as a member if you want to continue using it.

・New member application

Flow of new member registration

Membership registration is completed with the following flow after applying from the above site.

  • We will inform you separately the documents necessary for membership registration.
  • You will send the necessary documents to DIGITEL by FAX or E-MAIL attachment.
  • As a result of checking the content of the document, we will mail the membership card.
  • The membership registration is completed when the membership card arrives at hand.

02. Request

・Requests for remittance will be accepted via a store window, FAX, E-Mail, net.

・My account can request remittance, check remittance history, etc.

・For remittance, in addition to remittance with yen amount designation, local receipt amount specification is also possible.

Regarding login to My Page

Logging in to My Page assumes that the following procedures have been completed.

  • Member registration has been completed
  • We have already received e-mail password setting of My page sent by our company

※ If you are a member and have not received your password setup e-mail, please contact us by phone · E-Mail etc.

03. Recieving

・In the case of Korea, China remittance, payee bank account transfer will be done.

・In the case of the Philippine remittance, in addition to the payee bank account transfer, you can also choose to receive in cash.