Commission in the case of Korea remittance

Fees for Philippine remittance

Fees for China remittance

Remittance amount

  1. The upper limit of remittance amount is 1 million yen once. In addition, it is not possible to transfer remittances in excess of one trading one million yen in several times.
  2. The maximum remittance amount of remittance of customers who are not registered as members is 100,000 yen once. In addition, it is not possible to transfer remittances in excess of 100,000 yen per transaction.

Recieving Currency

  1. In the case of Korea remittance: Won
  2. In the case of the Philippine remittance: peso
  3. In the case of China remittance: Renminbi

Maximum monthly remittance amount

  1. For individual members, the maximum amount is 3 million yen per month.
  2. For customers who have not registered as a member, the maximum is 200,000 yen per month.
  3. For corporate members and sole proprietorship members, upper limit amounts and upper limit times may be set separately.

Exchange rate

The remittance exchange rate is the rate set by the Company, and the exchange rate includes the prescribed exchange gain.

Contract name

Individuals and Self-employment / corporations


Items for which remittance is prohibited under the Foreign Exchange Law (such as the manufacture of nuclear weapons) are subject to our own examination. Also, remittances for the following purposes are not allowed. a.Purchase of drugs, stimulants, gunfire, fake paper b. Purchase of import-prohibited items such as books that harm public safety and customs c. Purchase of lotteries issued by foreign countries Purchase of rare animals, processed goods, etc. prohibited by f. Forbidden remittances under the Foreign Exchange Law (manufacture of nuclear weapons, etc.) g. Other purposes that our company considers inappropriate