Important Information Regarding International Remittance Service

Article 1 (explanation that it is not a currency exchange transaction carried out by a bank etc.)

  1. The international remittance service (hereinafter referred to as “the Service”) provided by Digitel Co., Ltd. (the “Company”),
  2. It is not a currency exchange transaction done by a bank etc. We do not accept deposits, savings or periodic deposits etc due to this service.
  3. This service is based on Article 53 of the Deposit Insurance Act (Law No. 34 of 1947) or the Saving Insurance Act of the Agriculture and Fishing Industry Cooperative Association (Act No.
    No. 53) It is not subject to payment of insurance payment stipulated in Article 55.
  4. As a system for the protection of users of this service (hereinafter referred to as “users”), the Law on Settlement of Funds (2009
    Law No. 59), which is a fixed performance guarantee fee system. In providing this service, the Company shall notify the Tokyo law
    We deposit performance guarantee money to the secretariat.
  5. In the procedure of execution of the right stipulated in the law concerning settlement of funds, the user shall pay a performance guarantee pertaining to the amount of remittance funds deposited with the Company by this service (limited to the amount not yet deposited on the recipient’s receipt account) I have the right to receive refund from.

Article 2 (Other important items of this service)

  1. The standard fulfillment period of this service is as follows.
    (1) The standard performance period for KR remittance is 1 business day.
    (2) Standard fulfillment period for MG remittance · PB remittance · PC remittance is 2 business days.
    However, in principle, in the case of receipt at a shop front of an agency or the like, it is possible to receive it after 10 minutes from the time the remittance processing is completed It is Noh.
  2. If you use this service, you can register as a member. We will issue (membership card) to customers who have been registered as members. However, customers who do not register for membership are “International remittance service
  3. There are restrictions on the remittance transaction prescribed in the “Bis policy”.
  4. We will issue a membership card to customers who have applied. The term of the contract of the registered member is
    Two years from the date of issuing the member card, if there is no cancellation request from the member, the contract is automatically renewed for two years and thereafter Similarly. However, if you do not use it for the past two years, you may cancel your membership registration.
  5. Keep your membership card and PIN securely. I lent my membership card to others or informed others about my personal identification number. Please do not be known. We have registered membership cards and personal identification numbers presented at the request of remittance
  6. When confirming that the number and password of the member card that was made are confirmed by the method prescribed by the Company, the registered genuine members It is deemed that you made the remittance request.
  7. When canceling membership registration during the contract period, the user is required to offer according to the procedures specified by the Company. In addition, in case of cancellation in the midway, the user is not required to pay the commission.
    The remittance charge to be paid to users in using this service is the “International Remittance Service Terms” or our Home Page
    Please check “”.
  8. In the case where there is a request for cancellation by the user and cancellation is possible (in the case where the payment has not been received in the recipient’s receipt account), the cancellation number We will charge fee (actual expenses equivalent) and transfer fee to your bank account. Please note that the remittance charge in the preceding paragraph is not refunded I will call it a fish.
  9. There is an upper limit on remittance amount that you can ask our company. Regarding the upper limit of remittance amount, “International remittance service please confirm “Terms”.
    The customer shall pay remittance funds and fees to the Company in the manner specified below.
    (1) Company designation, transfer to bank account
    (2) Cash issuance at our company window
  10. In accepting remittance requests, the exchange rate applied when the remittance currency and receipt currency are different is “International Remittance Service Terms” or
    Please check our website “”.
  11. We can set various restrictions at any time without notifying the customer about the international remittance service at any time,
    You may change the restrictions you made.