Remittance Request

01. Necessary Items

  1. Member ID
  2. Request for Remittance
  3. Transfer Funds Transfer funds will only be accepted in Japanese Yen.

02. Remittance Request

  1. Receipt requests will be accepted by visiting stores, FAX, E – Mail and net application. [Only if you have an ID of an Internet application, you can request from smartphone / PC. ]
  2. Reimbursement funds are accepted by transferring to our designated account or bringing it to our company counter.

03. Remittance processing (our processing)

  1. Remittance requests can be received by visiting the store, fax, e-mail, and online.
  2. If payment cannot be confirmed after 3:00 pm, remittance will be made on the next bank business day.
  3. The remittance rate used will be the exchange rate at the time of remittance processing.

04. Issuance of receipt

When the remittance process is completed, the “receipt certificate” will be sent to the remittance requester by e-mail.

Please keep the “Received Certificate” in a safe place, since the “Reference Number” written on the receipt is necessary information when you contact us or the receiving bank.