Remittance Service fees


Remittance amountRemittance fees
¥5,000 ~ ¥10,000¥480
¥10,001円 ~ ¥30,000¥750
¥30,001円 ~ ¥50,000¥1,000
¥50,001円 ~ ¥200,000¥1,400
¥200,001円 ~ ¥1,000,000¥1,600
Remittance amountRemittance fees
¥5,000 ~ ¥50,000¥500
¥50,001 ~ ¥100,000¥1,000
¥100,001 ~ ¥1,000,000¥1,500 ¥1,000

Terms of use


 Remittance amount

  • 1. You can remit up to 1 million JPY at a time. In addition, you cannot remit more than 1 million JPY per transaction in multiple installments.

  • 2. For Korea remittance with pre-registration at Intercall, you can remit up to USD5,000 (around 0.5 million JPY) at a time based on the law and regulation of Korea.

  • 3. In case of Philippine remittance, the maximum amount per a transaction varies such as "100,000 PHP (about 200,000 JPY)" for Cebuana, "30,000 PHP (about 60,000 JPY)" for MLHUILLIER, and "75,000 PHP (about 150,000 JPY)" for PALAWAN.

  • 4. The maximum amount of remittance for customers who have not completed member registration is limited to 100,000 JPY per a transaction. In addition, we do not accept more than 100,000 JPY transaction in multiple installments.

 Payout currency

  • For Korea: Won (KRW)

  • For Philippines: Peso (PHP)

  • For Vietnam: Dong (VND)

 Monthly transaction limit

  • For individual member, monthly remittance limit is JPY 1.5M ~ JPY 3.0M (individually determined by the purpose of remittance, frequency of remittance, age, etc.).

  • For customers who have not completed member registration, monthly remittance limit is JPY 200,000.

  • Please note that if you attempt to make a remittance that exceeds the remittance limit, we may inquire about the purpose of the remittance and the source of the remittance funds.

 FX rate

The FX rate for remittance shall be the rate set by the company or our overseas remittance company, and the FX rate shall include our exchange profit.

 Contract name

Individuals and sole proprietors / corporates


Any items for which remittance is prohibited under the Foreign Exchange Act (manufacture of nuclear weapons, etc.) are subject to review by the company. Also, we do not accept any transactions for the following purposes.

a. Purchase of narcotics, stimulants, guns, counterfeit notes
b. Purchase of prohibited imports of books, etc. that harms to public safety and public morals
c. Purchase of foreign-issued lottery
d. Gambling of Internet casinos, etc.
e. Purchase of rare animal, processed goods etc. prohibited by the Washington Convention, etc.
f. Items for which remittance is prohibited under the Foreign Exchange Law (manufacturing of nuclear weapons, etc.)
g. Other purposes deemed inappropriate by the Company