01. Necessary documents

What You Need

Membership application form

You can download the form.

Identification document

One of the resident cards, driver's license or passport issued in Japan.

My Number

One of the following: My Number Card, My Number Notice or Resident Card with My Number on it.

02. How to Apply

Request for remittance

1. direct submission

Please bring the necessary documents for membership application to the store window or send a copy (both sides of the identification document must be copied) by mail, fax, or e-mail attachment.


2. Download the Applicatipon

・You can send money when you rvisiting the store, receive e-mail , fax , and from us if you use e-KYC mobile app.


I'm getting ready. I'll be using it soon.

03. Member registration completed


・You can send money when you receive an email from us if you use the e-KYC mobile app.
・You can send money when you receive non-forwardable postal mail if you submit the documents directly.
・Please keep your membership card in a safe place.